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About Us

Strong Leadership and Experience

ADM Roofing Ltd is a highly-efficient, reliable roofing company owned by Adam Blair and Agnes Morris. Under their leadership it has become highly successful within the west of Scotland region due to outstanding recommendations received from past clients. Adam has more than 13 years’ experience working with well-established roofing companies where he has gained great knowledge and expertise. Adam has worked for a few major roofing companies across Scotland and realised over the years that he would change many of the aspects of how they operate their business which was the driving force behind his desire to create his own company as he grew tired of “cowboy builders” who simply try to finish the work as fast as possible to get a faster payday.

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ADM Roofing Ltd

Reliable, Efficient Roofing Work and Workers

ADM Roofing Ltd take care of everything from the start date to the finish date, including a free quote which includes a photographic technical survey. We believe our services to be unbeatable as many of our workers have experience in other roofing companies where they have gained vast knowledge and experience. We have selected the best aspects of companies we have worked at and have fine-tuned them to suit our purpose and have led us into achieving what we believe to be the ultimate service. We ensure that there will be no nasty surprises when it comes to re-roofing or repairing your roof when it comes to the final price. We aim to keep our prices affordable and of the highest quality as we do not use any independent salespeople and will never cut any corners when it comes to any of the materials or equipment we use on site. We have also begun to use a review system on our website which we would love for our customers to use to indicate how well we’ve treated them and the quality of work that was completed so visitors to the website get a good idea of our past work.

We can provide a catalogue which contains various types of tiled roofing and slate roofing for you to help you along with the process of choosing your ideal combination of slating or tiles. This will enable you to visualise how your roof will look prior to our workers coming in and completing the job which will be protected by our workmanship guarantee. We take care of everything with our focus on being to reduce any worry, stress or hassle when our workers are on site.

If you would like to discuss your ideas or have any questions call us on 0141 353 5117 or fill in our contact form where you can arrange a free photographic survey and quote.

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