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Slate Roofing

Small Scale Repairs to Major Projects

At ADM Roofing Ltd our skilled team of slate roofing professionals have a great deal of experience working with both reclaimed traditional slate roofs and other types of natural and man-made slates. Whether we’re determining the whereabouts of leaks and replacing individual roof slates or fitting entirely new slate roofs, our roofing team will ensure a high quality, long lasting solution which you can trust. The slate roofing work we do ranges from small scale repairs to major contracts for new construction or regeneration projects, and uses a wide range of materials, specifications and skills using only the finest materials available on the market. Any work completed by ADM Roofing will include all dry maintenance free systems to all ridge and verge systems so when your roof is complete there will be no additional payments for maintenance work in the future.

We work for a huge variety of customers in and around the West of Scotland including public and private sector organisations, construction companies, house builders and private home-owners. We are skilled at slating roofs of all sizes and across the whole range of slates currently on the market.

We specialise in:

  • New slate roofs
  • Reclaimed slate roofing
  • Man-made slates
  • Random slating
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Market Wide Slates and Slating Methods Available

New Slate Roofs to Random Slating

Slate roofing is a great way to bring extra design and style to your property whether it is pattern, texture or colour. Our highly qualified team of roofers and workmen are experienced in all manner of roof slating. They can take a look at your property, assess its needs and advise on the most appropriate type of slate to bring out your roof’s style and aesthetic. It gives your property a spectacular finish and wow factor as well as adding extra value which is always a good thing. Slate is one of the most common materials available for roofing with its extremely low water absorption making it waterproof and extremely useful for handling the rough and unpredictable Scottish weather. Another weather condition slate is good for is frost because it does not incur any frost damage or breakage due to this low water absorption. It is also fire resistant meaning if any worst case scenarios are encountered it will help to minimise the damage. It is also one of the most durable materials available and can last for several hundred years often with little or no maintenance making it easy to see why it is such a popular choice for roofs.

At ADM Roofing our workmen are all expertly qualified in using all manner of slate material. With our committed, reliable service we will assess your roofing needs and provide the best solution for you. If it is a new home or project we can recommend the best type of slate to use and if it is an existing roof needing an overhaul we will do our best to ensure you are given the best advice and service on the market.

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