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Drone Roof Inspection

Roof Survey and Report with Drone

With over 13 years of hands on experience, there is no roof problem we haven’t encountered and resolved. No one is better placed to give you an intelligent honest roof report than ADM Roofing Ltd with our unique drone roof inspection service. If you’re buying or selling a house then this service could be invaluable for you. A roof report delivered via our drone can also save you considerable sums of money to the tune of hundreds of pounds and sometimes much more. Our expert advice makes unforeseen roof costs history with no more nasty surprises.

When you buy a house, you naturally have it surveyed, but often the outside of the roof gets just a fleeting look from ground level as part of an overall surveying package. This could leave you ill-informed and open to unforeseen costs. With our drone roof inspection however, where we use our remote controlled drone to hover over your roof to take every bit of detail, we can issue a fair, balanced roof report which will consider the overall condition of the property for its age and offer a comparison to similar properties of the same style and age. This service is ideal for private home owners or home buyers, estate agents, landlords and insurance companies to name a few as unforeseen costs are never a good thing when it comes to trying to run a home or property. As soon as we have the video inspection footage we can send it on to you promptly and quickly via WhatsApp Messenger so you can get a glimpse of the work straightaway and see all roof aspects in minute detail. This simple but comprehensive report on the condition of your roof covers many key aspects with prices starting at only £100.

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Roof Report by Roofing Experts

Comprehensive, Reliable and Honest

Some of the key aspects of your roof we will look at include:

  • Age and condition of roof covering (Slates, Tiles, etc)
  • Estimated remaining lifespan of roof and/or flat roofs
  • Condition of ridge tiles or copings
  • Rainwater systems (Guttering and downpipes)
  • Lead valleys, lead roofs, bay windows and lead flashings
  • Chimney stack check
  • Flat roof check all types
  • Structural problems like roof sag or roof spread
  • Recommendations and a price guide to fix problems
  • Prompt, quick delivery of roof inspection video to your phone via WhatsApp

This part of the drone roof insepction report highlights any work that may be required to put the property’s roof in a good overall condition compared to similar properties of the same style and age. Any work that we recommend is supplied with a price guideline. This guideline should allow for slight variances between quotes you may get from future roofing contractors.

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Drone Inspections

Situations where a roof report may be useful are as follows:

Selling a house
The buyers survey flags up potential work that may be costly and unnecessary. The buyer then uses this as leverage trying to knock thousands off the asking price. Get an honest independent report from us.

Buying a house
When buying a house, you could be wandering into large unforeseen costs. It really does pay to know the condition of any pitch or flat roofs. Any highlighted work may enable you to negotiate a more realistic price from the seller. If your surveyor leaves question marks over certain aspects of the roof condition, get honest independent advice from us.

Letting a property
Sometimes before a property is let out on a long-term lease, it may be useful for the landlord or tenant to check the roof condition. This is especially the case when either party is responsible for maintenance.

Price negotiation
There are many situations where negotiation is required such as buying or selling a property or for insurance purposes.

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