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Tiled Roofing

Market Leading Tiled Roofing

With years of experience of working on small and large scale tiled roofing projects across the west of Scotland, ADM Roofing Ltd has amassed a huge amount of expertise with a whole range of materials and the latest fixing specifications. We at ADM Roofing Ltd use only the best tiled roofing products on the market including on every new roof project we complete. This includes all dry maintenance free systems to all ridge and verge systems so when your roof is complete there will be no need to pay for any maintenance work in the future. From tiling large commercial housing developments to re-roofing domestic properties, we can assist with a diverse range of roof tiling needs.

We supply and fit:

  • Concrete single lap interlocking roof tiles
  • Concrete and clay plain double lap roof tiles
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Comprehensive and Outstanding Service

A Range of Suitable Tiles and Manufacturers to choose from

Tiled roofing has been around for a very long time. In fact since the 3rd Millennium BC to be precise. According to the earliest known discoveries they were used in Greece around this period as terracotta and fired tiles. Since then they have remained a popular choice for roofs which clearly suggests they must be doing something right. A wide variety of materials can be used for tiled roofing including terracotta, slate, concrete, plastic and clay. This versatility would explain their continued use in modern homes as well as old ones. At ADM Roofing we are experts in all forms of tiled roofing. No matter the size, budget or type of tiled roof you require we will meet your demands and provide an outstanding service. The main use of tiles is to keep out the rain. That may sound terribly obvious but the design and structure of a tiled roof is specifically designed to exclude rainwater. The tiles are hung from the framework of the roof in parallel rows by fixing them with nails. Each row overlaps the row below it to exclude the rainwater and also covers the nails that hold the row below it. We can provide a comprehensive, efficient service for you to ensure you receive the most appropriate tile and design for your property. We also supply all leading manufacturer’s tiles including the following (please note this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Marley
  • Sandtoft
  • Russell
  • Forticrete
  • Redland
  • Rosemary

At ADM Roofing, one of our unique specialities is in talking to, and involving, our customers in the roofing process. Our workmen are highly skilled and qualified in all areas of roofing enabling them to quickly assess your needs and wants before implementing them. This involves going over your roof’s requirements and explaining from a range of tile options what the right one is for you. Our roofers are all perfectionists and are determined to provide a service for you which leaves your roof and property in impeccable condition. That is why our expert, knowledgeable and friendly advice will lead to a finished tiled roof which not only keeps your property protected from inclement weather but also gives it a stylish and smart appearance.

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