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Lead Flashing

Protect your Chimney from Wear and Tear

Lead flashing has been used for many years to protect chimneys from the wear and tear of weather. Whether it is rain, snow, hail or excessive heat, lead flashing have demonstrated time and time again to be very reliable and effective. For this reason, ADM Roofing Ltd provides and installs new lead flashing to all our customers across the West of Scotland. The resulting durability and protection provided by having lead flashing on your chimney makes your chimney and roof more protected and allows you a certain peace of mind.

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Carefully Engineered and Constructed

Direct Water away from your Chimney and keep your Roof Safe

Lead flashing involves applying thin pieces of impervious material to prevent the passage of water into your roof structure via your chimney. When two parallel pieces of flashing are installed on a chimney this is called counter flashing. This counter flashing then overlaps a replaceable piece of material called the base flashing. In the past, strips of lead used for flashing an edge were sometimes called an ‘apron’ which is a term still used for the piece of flashing below a chimney. Over the years many different materials have been used for flashing including birch bark. Flashing has certainly moved on a lot since those days with materials used today including metal, plastic, rubber and impregnated rubber. At ADM Roofing our specialty is lead flashing. When your roof or structure incorporates flashing it has to be carefully engineered and constructed so that water is directed away from the structure and not inside. If flashing is installed incorrectly it can actually direct water into a building leading to all manner of problems such as decay and deterioration. This is where ADM Roofing come in. We are experts at lead flashing with our workmen expertly skilled and experienced to handle any kind of problem to restore your roof and chimney to its original condition. Lead is a highly recyclable metal which can last up to 500 years compared to modern materials which can fail within 20 years. It is therefore easy to see what the most durable, reliable material is which is why ADM Roofing is committed to providing the best service and materials for your property.

If you are encountering leakage or any other problem with your roof then don’t hesitate to contact us so we can take a look at it for you. With our unique drone inspection service we can effectively determine the problem with your chimney and give you the best advice on restoring it to its previous condition. All of our workmen are skilled and experienced as well as committed to providing a fantastic service for you. When it comes to lead flashing we provide an unparalleled service for your chimney and roof.

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