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When changing the fascias and soffits, it is also a good idea to replace the guttering and downpipes as well with a matching colour. Over time, guttering tends to weather and colours fade, so when the fascias and soffits are being replaced, why not go all the way and replace the guttering as well? You will be pleased with the finished result. Guttering is just as important as your fascias and soffits. They prevent water ingress into the fabric of your home and property by channelling rainwater away from the exterior walls and foundations. Water running down walls can cause dampness and can lead to the growth of mould and wet rot in timber. Another thing to look out for is age old degradation. Older, iron-made style of gutters are prone to this and need to be replaced by new, aluminium or rust proof ones. At ADM Roofing, all of our workmen are experienced in the repair and replacement of guttering therefore if you are encountering a problem with yours we will assess its needs and provide an efficient solution.

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Normally only associated with the effective channelling of rainwater from your roof into the drains, guttering is also an essential feature of any structure which could cause damage to the whole thing if it is not maintained properly. At ADM Roofing we are experienced in all manner of gutter replacement and installation. Guttering in its earliest forms consisted of lined wooden or stone troughs. Other materials that have been used over the years include lead and asbestos cement. It is safe to say things have moved on a bit since then in the roofing world but many different materials still continue to be used including cast iron, UPVC and zinc. The gutter can be along the edge of a roof slope, suspended beyond the roof edge or beneath the roof edge depending on the type of roof structure it is connected to. The actual capacity of a gutter will depend on the size of the roof in question which is then multiplied by assumed rainfall. When everything goes to plan the rainwater will be fed, usually via a downpipe, from the roof edge to the base of the building where it is then either discharged or collected. The down pipe can end in a shoe and discharge directly onto the surface or connected through an inspection chamber to a drain.

Guttering Damage

In certain serious cases of damage to your gutters can occur because of debris such as leaves and broken tiles can block gutters resulting in increased weight putting a strain on the brackets that hold the gutter to the wall of the house. The long term damage of this can be cracked and broken gutters leading to the ineffective flow of rainwater which can pool and then leak into the property. In more serious cases some parts of the guttering can separate from the structure causing serious structural damage. These are issues however you don’t need to worry about since ADM Roofing can inspect your guttering during any work we are doing to your roof and take pre-emptive measures to ensure any damage is repaired or prevented.

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