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Skylight Windows

Bringing Natural Daylight to your Home

Roof Lights, or skylights as they are often known, are one of the most cost effective and permanent ways to provide natural daylight to a loft. We always keep up to date with any technological advances in this field and are always able to replace them regardless of age or types ranging from:

  • Velux Windows
  • Cast Iron
  • New Aluminium
  • Fakro

The main purpose of skylight windows is to transmit light from all, or a portion of, a building’s space. If your loft is currently not in use for anything other than a storage space and has been gathering dust and cobwebs then skylight windows could be the answer for you. By projecting more light into your loft it increases its uses such as another liveable space in your home or a hobby room. At ADM Roofing Ltd all of our workmen are highly skilled and experienced at installing skylights in roofs. Since all of our roofers are perfectionists they will commit to installing the skylights that are best for your property by going over your roof’s requirements and the best type of skylight for it. Skylights are also a great way to let in natural light since they face upwards, giving your home a more welcoming and relaxing ambience. Energy conservation is another reason to adopt skylights because it lets more light and heat into your property, meaning you should soon be able to watch the price of your household bills drop.

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Increased Function and Flexibility

Light up your Home’s Dark and Dull Places

Skylight windows will also improve the appearance of your property both internally and externally. When inside your home the increased amount of incoming light helps to bring notice to your home’s design and décor whilst from outside it adds a modern and stylish design. A range of options are available for you with ADM Roofing including fixed and operable skylights. Fixed skylights cannot be opened therefore there is no ventilation whilst operable ones can be manually or electronically opened to allow greater ventilation and flexibility. Whatever your preference, our workmen will be happy to provide the best possible advice on the skylight that is best for you. Our roofers are experienced, knowledgeable and approachable meaning they will take into account what style of skylight you would like as well as its functional suitability for your roof. Installing skylight windows can also be a cost effective way of transforming your roof space as you don’t normally need planning permission. We offer a wide range of different styles to suit every budget and need.

At ADM Roofing, our commitment is to provide you with skylight windows you like and which do your home justice. As many lofts are designed with little thought for natural lighting it is up to us to transform your property so you are not relying too heavily on artificial lighting. They also brighten up your home, bringing light to normally dull places. Whether you want a change to your home by installing skylights for the first time or need existing ones replaced, look no further than ADM Roofing as our skill and experience will ensure your home takes full advantage of natural light.

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