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uPVC Fascias and Soffits

All Aspects of uPVC Fascias and Soffit

Probably one of the least liked home maintenance jobs is painting the woodwork (called fascias & soffits) around the base of the roof, particularly as it involves working at height on a ladder. Help is at hand however. Remove this dangerous task forever by getting our workers at ADM Roofing Ltd to replace the wooden fascias and soffits with long life plastic ones. Fascias and soffits are a very important component of your roof and property. Without them your roof and guttering would not be able to function in conjunction with one another. The fascia board is mounted at the point where the roof meets the outer walls of the house. This section of the property is sometimes called the roofline but is in fact most often referred to as the fascia or fascias after the main board which carries the gutter.

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Long Life & Maintenance Free

Replacements Tailored to the Existing Design of your Property

ADM Roofing Ltd can offer you an attractive range of uPVC plastic covered replacement fascias and soffits which never need any maintenance or painting and are available in a range of attractive colours to match the existing decor of your property. The soffit boards are positioned either underneath the fascia or over the top of it to enable ventilation thereby reducing the likelihood of timber decay. For ventilation nowadays the preferred method is to place the soffit board over the top of the fascia. The soffit exposure profile which is the space from the property wall to the fascia board can vary from simply a few centimetres to three feet or more depending on the particular construction of the property. Whatever your requirements we will make sure to supply the fascia and soffits most suited to your roof and property structure.

Fascias and soffits are an often unspoken part of any roof structure but they are just as important as any other component of the roof. Without them your roof and guttering would not be able to function in conjunction with one another. At ADM Roofing & Slating we will be able to assess all of your fascias and soffits requirements when we inspect your property. We will ensure your fascias and soffits work seamlessly with your roof and guttering to prevent any future issues and to resolve any issues you may already be experiencing. If you think there is a problem with your property’s fascias and soffits then by all means contact us and we will come and take a look at it. No matter how small or insignificant your fascias and soffits problem may seem or how far away you are within our designated areas it is better to contact us and we will assess it. After all, the smallest fascias and soffits problem may grow into a far bigger one later on down the road so it would be prudent to prevent it from getting any worse.

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